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Joao Dos Santos

The biggest happening from 2012

We are glad to present you a masterpiece of the Brazilian music. When the Youth Orchestra of Contagem (original name: Orquestra Jovem de Contagem) decided to come alone to Europe, we took measures to realize an old dream: a live concert in the Netherlands. So we did it! On a very sunny day - July the 15th, 2012; the waves of the Scheveningen Beach has been charmed with a cosy classics music selection. A mix of Baroque Music, with Brazilian fairytale songs, going trough all new styles, showing a surprised looking audience what music can be. After months of a meaningful teamwork the DVD is ready. Samba, Gafieira and Capoeira enhances the music grade. Don't miss it! If you want to order the DVD send an e-mail to: info@radiopulsabrasil.com

Orquestra Jovem de Contagem

More information on www.orquestrajovemdecontagem.org



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Joao Dos Santos
Getting to know Pulsa Brasil

João Dos Santos (alias Joãozinhobrasil) is a DJ/VJ and organizer of Brazilian parties (mainly in Amsterdam) and founder of Rede Pulsa Brasil. Recently RPB switched from making local radio to producing a TV show, which is daily broadcasted on two channels of Salto TV, a local TV station in Amsterdam. Every week two new chapters with only brand new Brazilian videos are produced and broadcasted locally. The videos are worldwide available on this website, here you can watch all productions from this genuine Brazilian show in the Netherlands. Follow the broadcast schedule at the website of Salto (only for dutch readers).


The reason why we stopped producing radio:

After six 'intensive' years, it was time to reach for something higher, to reach for something new. And we did! During her whole existence, Radio Pulsa Brasil has promoted all kinds of different concerts and events in the Netherlands. Samba, pagode, carnaval, pure polular brazilian music, theatre, art exhibitions, political meetings, cinema and a lot more. From small to huge events, we where there with our microphones, cameras and crew. But that wasn't enough!

When something grows up, it is important to face the truth that changes are necessary. And we've done it. On Januari the 5th 2012, Radio Pulsa Brasil went to her last live broadcast. As we where switching to anew challenge, we did not see any reason to say farewell. What we've done, was a huge step! Choosing to carry on only with TV productions, we knew by that moment that it was time to show Brasil from Oiapoque to Chuí, from people to its nature and from samba to its beauty inside.

Yes.. we're glad. Glad to know that since always.. Leornado Junior, Hugo Leonardo, Keithy Danielly, Glaucio Coelho, Lucelena da Silva, Marcus Watson, Ronald Hooiwaart, Paul Oostelbuis, Américo Luis, Arjan Rents, Jurrian Bevelander, Monica Tellini, Márci Gonçalves, Denis Araujo, Nicolas Santana, Alex Sabdro o Cuca, Robson Del Rei, Alexandre Freitas, Adriano Vieira, Denny van der Heide, Anton van der Vlis, Katherine Kellen, Caren Hoeltgebaum and many more have joined us during this whole term.

videos"It used to be said that we are what we eat...
And then people maybe...
a little more fashion conscious would say...
'No, you are what you wear'...
Or you are what you read...
But we would say in this millenium...
You are what you watch..."

(Peter Gabriel - Growing Up)